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Bradley was a character who will debut via a flashback in Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of Darkness. He was the second-in-command of the Shadow Rouges 10 years ago before the series began but he was the first of many casualties of the Shadow Rouges took due to their failed raid of Castle Derin.


Originally, Bradley was going to be a Bio Spark except that his ponytail is much shorter and that he wears his cloak open like a cape. He wore a dark grey cloak, a metal visor on his forehead that is pale gold in color, light oranges gloves, orange shoes and he had a red ponytail which is on the back of his head.

Bradley got a redesign, he is a now a light blue Waddle Dee and he wore a dark grey cloak that he wore open like a cape and a pale gold metal visor. His outfit is a direct reference to his original design.

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Not much of his personality is known at the time.


Not much is known what his abilities are at the time.



10 years before the series began, Bradley and the other members of the Shadow Rouges raided Castle Derin. Butch battled King Derin to distract him and Bradley came to the throne room just when Queen Diantia ordered Waddle Dee Sr. to take her and Derin's son to safety. Bradley had a brief battle with Diantia but she was no match for him and Bradley killed her.

After killing Diantia, he met up with Butch, who had just killed Derin, and asks Butch if they should also kill the prince but Butch said to leave him alone as he is just a kid and that he shouldn't be able to do anything to stop them. However, Bradley disagreed with him and secretly went off to kill the prince as well and he had a brief confrontational conversation with Waddle Dee Sr.


After his brief confrontational conversation with Waddle Dee Sr., Bradley attacks in attempt to kill Dedede but Waddle Dee Sr. intercepts him by cutting off his left foot with his sword and then stabbing Bradley, mortally wounding him. Bradley then falls off from the castle wall down to the castle yard to his death.

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Bradley will be mentioned by Dedede in Chapter 15.



  • He is the first antagonistic Waddle Dee to appear in the series.
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