Brawler Aura
Sword Beam (Dedede)
A Sword Beam, one of the ways Brawler Aura is used in battle.


Chapter 4

Brawler Aura is one of the 3 energies that sentient beings are born with in the series. It is the physical counterpart of the 3, with Mana being the magic counterpart and Beam Force being the counterpart for Waddle Doos.

Knucklexians and Iron Mams are well known for using Brawler Aura while fighting but all kinds of beings can learn how to use Brawler Aura in battle as well. It was mentioned by name for the first time in Chapter 14 by Zeena.


Brawler Aura is simply fighting energy that can be released to attack enemies, especially from a distance. Sentient beings are born with it and often don't use it, but those who often fight do and it is usually awakened from physically training the body. At first, Brawler Aura usage is limited to a short while but physical training can extend the usage to a certain point where a person can use attacks that use Brawler Aura many times. This is considered the maximum point it can reach.

Constant usage will tire a person however but Brawler Aura is replenished when not in use until it reaches it current maximum point. Signs of a person who used too much Brawler Aura is sweating a bit and some panting. Brawler Aura is not connected to a being's life force due to that it is a separate energy.

Known Brawler Aura UsersEdit

Techniques that use Brawler AuraEdit

White Flash

Cloud using the Flash technique, a technique that uses Brawler Aura.

  • Sword Beam and any attack that is a variation of it.
  • Flash
  • Smash Punch
  • Vulcan Jab
  • Spin Kick
  • Rising Break
  • Force Blast


  • Brawler Aura was inspired by Ki from the Dragon Ball series. Unlike Ki, users of Brawler Aura do not increase their power levels or can sense enemies or ongoing fights.