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Aldilth (wife)
Victor (son)
Meta Knight (son)
Raven (son)
Audrey (daughter)

Brutus is a character who make his debut in Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of Darkness in Gerold's flashback retelling of the Dark Matter Cataclysm. He is the husband of Aldilth and the father of Victor, Meta Knight, Raven and Audrey. Brutus's knight name is Thorn Knight.


Brutus is a Kirby with forest green skin, brown eyes though his eyes are drawn much like Waddle Dees are in the series but his eyes do turn brown when he wears his mask, greenish brown hair on the back of his head that resembles a pineapple according to Kirk. He wears light green armor with white rims and his should pads have 1 spike each on them and he has a helmet that is much like his should pads but it does not have spikes on it.

He sometimes wears a grey cape and Brutus's mask is dark bronze in color and looks like a shuriken that has a wide center. Brutus also has 3 scars on his face: one across his forehead, one on his left eye and one on his mouth. His appearance didn't change since 20 years ago.


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Much like his son youngest son Raven, Brutus has a serious personality and takes fighting very seriously. Like Raven, he tends to drop the f-bomb a lot. He doesn't get distracted much while he is on the battlefield. He is shown to be highly aggressive in battle and he is very fearless in battle. However, Brutus is more cautious in battle as seen that he wears his mask and a helmet in battle


Brutus cuts down Dark Matter monsters

Brutus cuts down Dark Matter monsters with ease.

Brutus is a skilled swordsman, as he is shown to cut down a Mariel, Nidoo, N-Z and Minion Matter with relative ease. As he is Raven's father, who is known to be very strong physically himself, Brutus is likely to have a high degree of physical strength himself.



Sometime before the Dark Matter Cataclysm, Brutus got into a fight that got him the three scars that he has on his face now. 20 years before the series began, Brutus fought in the Dark Matter Cataclysm along side Derin, Waddle Dee Sr., Kirk, Gerold and Rick. During the incident, Brutus slayed many Nidoo, Minion Dark Matters and Mariels.

Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of DarknessEdit

Kirk and Brutus debut (flashback)

Brutus and Kirk make their debut via a flashback.

Brutus made his debut in Gerold's flashback retelling of the Dark Matter Cataclysm where he is asked by Kirk if he always has to say the f-bomb and Brutus reacts by asking him what he said while Kirk smirks at him.

Brutus made his present day debut in Chapter 14.



  • Since Leslie, aka Meta Knight, was only mentioned, Brutus is the first member of Raven's family to be seen in the series.
Raven's Family
Grandparents: None yet revealed
Parents: Brutus - Aldilth
Uncles and Aunts: None yet revealed
Siblings: Victor - Meta Knight - Audrey
Cousins: None yet revealed

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