Castle Dedede
Castle Dedede
Castle Dedede, as seen during the night in Chapter 3.


Chapter 1

Castle Dedede, called Castle Derin 10 years ago, is the home of King Dedede, the king of Dream Land, much like in the games. It once belonged to his parents when they were alive but it was passed down to him when they died and Derek and Daisy became King and Queen again until Dedede turned 18.

As seen in the series, Dedede allows his friends to live in the castle and they have their own rooms in the castle. Dr. Waddlesworth has his office set here and he lives as well. It is north of Dreamtropolis.


Castle Dedede's design is similar to how it appears in the Kirby anime series and Kirby Mass Attack. It has a square shaped wall surrounding the castle in the middle and the walls are supported by four towers in the corners. The four towers have lookout spots and they each have a red, pointed roof. The center castle has a round, dome like roof. It has a total of four floors: a basement, the first, second then third floors.

The center castle has 4 entrances with one being north, south, east and west. There are hallways connecting these entrances to each other as well as other hallaways in the castle. The basement, second and third floors can be accessed by stairs. The the amount of rooms varies per floor 3 rooms in the basement.


The layout for Castle Dedede. The rectangles with lines are stairs, pale brown areas in the walls are doors and the dark grey areas are unoccupied rooms.





Throne RoomEdit

The throne room is where Dedede and the gang mainly hang out in the castle. It is one of the most commonly seen rooms of the castle seen in the series.


Galbo PenEdit

Waddle Doo's RoomEdit

Dedede's RoomEdit

Dr. Waddlesworth's OfficeEdit

Raven's RoomEdit

Drawcia's RoomEdit


  • Castle Dedede is the very first location seen in the series.
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