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Chapter 13: The Dark Matter Cataclysm is the 3rd Chapter of Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of Darkness and the 13th Chapter of the series. The flashback section of this Chapter shows the events of the Dark Matter Cataclysm that occurred on Planet Popstar 20 years ago.

This flashback section is officially a part of the prologue of the series, thus making the flashback section a part of what would be considered to be Chapter 0.

This Chapter is the 2nd Modern Chapter of the series.



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  • Cutterangs make their debut in this Chapter in the flashback segment.
  • This Chapter having the Dark Matter Cataclysm shown in it is referencing that 13 is commonly believed to be a unlucky number and a sign of bad luck.
  • Many members of the Dream Warriors' families are seen for the first time.
    • Derin and Diantia, who were mentioned though not by name in Chapter 10, appear for the first time.
    • With Meta Knight only being mentioned, Brutus is the first member of Raven's family to be seen.
    • Kirk and Valerie appear for the first time, making the first time other people from Cloud's family besides Kirby to be seen in the series.
    • Linden and Laura are mentioned, Laura is mentioned to have passed away 11 years ago while Linden was killed by Gobi.
  • More members of the Dark Matter species are shown, both sentient and creature members.
  • Counting the characters who made their debut in the present day and in the flashback in this Chapter, a total of 38 characters made their debut in this Chapter alone.
    • 12 of them make their debut in the present day either physically or being mentioned.
    • 26 of them make their debut in the flashback portion of the Chapter either physically or as a cameo.
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