Chapter 4: War for the throne
Element Gem Discussion

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Chapter 4: War for the throne is the 4th chapter of Kirby: Behind the Scenes and the 4th Chapter of the series. It is the 4th Classic Chapter of the series.


Element Gem Discussion

Waddle Dee and Dedede talk about the Element Gem.

The Chapter begins with Waddle Dee and Dedede talking about the Element Gem regarding it's origin and usage. Raven asks Dedede what are they doing to do about Drawcia and if they are really going to war with her and Dedede responds that they are because Drawcia wants to take over Dream Land and he won't like that happen while pointing out that he intends to defeat her.

Meanwhile at Drawcia's hideout, Drawcia is talking about how she underestimated Dedede and the others and she mentions that something is a sure fire way to kill Dedede and the gang. Back at Castle Dedede, Waddle Doo notices that one of his hairs is growing back but Waddle Dee snips it off much to Waddle Doo's chagrin and Dedede's amusement.

Dedede then grabs Waddle Doo by his head while Waddle Doo asks what he did and Dedede asks him if he can put laser cannons on the castle and Waddle Doo says he can. Cloud points out that it is going to storm bad and asks if they are going to fight Drawcia regardless and Dedede says they are and orders Waddle Dee to get the troops ready.



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  • This is the only Chapter in Kirby: Behind the Scenes where Waddle Doo doesn't die.
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