Chapter 14 (Mentioned)






Merlin † (father)
Shauntele † (mother)
Kyle (oldest brother)
Drawcia (Oldest triplet sister)
Paintra (Older triplet sister)
Jason (Uncle)
Freya (Aunt)
Mindy (cousin)
Mindo (cousin)


December 2nd

Claycia is a character who was first mentioned in Chapter 14 of Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of Darkness by Drawcia. She is the youngest daughter of Merlin and Shauntele, the younger sister of Kyle and the youngest of the fraternal triplet sisters consisting of Drawcia, Paintra and Claycia herself.

She was inspired after and named after the Claycia from the Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.


Undies claycia

Claycia in her underwear, showing how her body looks.

Claycia is a female Wizendren with black hair, blue eyes, pale peach skin and cheek blushes below her eyes. Claycia's hair covers much of her eyes halfway but her eyebrows are visible to make her expressions more noticeable.

She wears a pink robe with dark pink rims and lavender dots around her wrists and above the dark pink rim where her feet are and around the dark pink rim near the base of her hat.

Her hat is the same color as her robe with a dark pink rim and lavender dots above the rim and there is a dark pink ball on the tip of her hat. She also wears a purple scarf around her neck.

Like many other female characters' clothing in the series, Claycia's robe hides her figure and though not likely to be seen in the series, Claycia wears a dark pink bra and panties under her robe. Much like many of the humanoid female characters in the series, Claycia is well endowed.


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Claycia is the shy, timid one of her siblings, she often hides from people she doesn't know too well and she doesn't speak very often. She has a liking for cute things, flowers and candy. Despite her shyness and quietness, Claycia is a very kind, caring and friendly person. Much like her mother and her older sisters, Claycia does have a bad temper but her shy and gentle nature makes her extremely difficult to anger.

When angered, Claycia is even scarier than Drawcia but unlike her oldest triplet sister, Claycia tends to yell at people when angered.


As her name suggests, Claycia's magic theme involves clay and she can create it magically at her will.



Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of DarknessEdit

Claycia will make her debut in this installment of the series.




Claycia and Drawcia are pretty close as sisters ever since they were little. They share many thinks in common such as they like candy





  • Claycia having the worst bad temper of her sisters is a reference to Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls.
Drawcia's Family
Grandparents: None yet revealed
Parents: Merlin † - Shauntele
Uncles and Aunts: Jason - Freya
Siblings: Kyle - Paintra - Claycia
Cousins: Mindy - Mindo

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