Cucurbita Kingdom


Chapter 14


Caesar (King)
Victoria (Queen)
Holly (Princess)

Cucurbita Kingdom is a kingdom on Planet Popstar and it is one of the Great 5 Kingdoms along with Dream Land and White Wafers to the north, Floralia to the northwest and Patch Land to the northeast. The kingdom was first mentioned in Chapter 14 by Ty and it will later physically appear in the same Chapter.


  • Cucurbita means "gourd" in Latin. This is suiting as the symbol of the Cucurbita Kingdom is a pumpkin, which is a type of gourd.
Stella System
Planet Popstar - Planet Rock Star - Planet Aqua Star - Planet Neo Star - Planet Shiver Star - Planet Ripple Star - Planet Halcandra - Planet Dark Star (destroyed)

Planet Popstar:
Dream Land: Castle Dedede - Dreamtropolis - Whispy Woods Forest - Rocky Mountains (Rocky Caverns)- Drawcia's Hideout (destroyed) - Salt Desert (Salt Village - Castle Gobi (destroyed)) - Pepper Volcano
Floralia: Flora Palace
Patch Land: Castle Fluff
White Wafers: Wafer Castle
Cucurbita Kingdom: Cucurbita Palace

Planet Ripple Star:
Ripple Kingdom: Ripple Palace

Dimensions: Paint Dimension (destroyed) - Hell - Doomer Dimension - Heaven

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