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41 †


Delia (Wife)
Davey (Son)
Dewey (Son)
Debbie (Daughter)
Dirk (Great grandfather-in-law) †
Derek (Father-in-law)
Derin † (Brother-in-law)
Damian (Brother-in-law)
Diantia † (Younger sister)
Dedede (Nephew)

"Dedede... you're going to be the King of Dream Land... and being a king means you're never allowed to get you ass kicked... EVER!"- DJ, as said in Dedede's flashback in Chapter 12 shortly after his death.

Dimitri Jason, referred as DJ most of the time, was Dedede's uncle who first appeared in Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of Darkness.


DJ was a green Billow Bird that had a mass of white feathers on the bottom of his chin that resembled a beard, he wore yellow gloves on his hands, he had a beak with a pointed tip and yellow feet. He wore a light green headband around his head, a greyish green robe with light green rims and a light green sash around his abdomen.

He usually had his face in a serious look and he usually walked around with a white walking stick that is actually the scabbard for his sword, due to his back injury he received during the Salt Rebellion.


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DJ reaction

DJ reacting to being called a "old fart".

DJ was a rough but nice fellow, as he decided to help out his nephew and his friends. He seems to like to test people, such as when he and Joe were gone when the Dream Warriors were getting across the river of magma in the Rocky Mountains as a test of Waddle Dee and Waddle Doo's teamwork.

Like most other members of Dedede's family, DJ didn't like being called anything fat related. He was also the center of a running gag where some characters called him a old fart, much to his chagrin though his annoyance led to his demise.


DJ was a accomplished fighter at once, but a back injury he got during the Salt Rebellion limited him from fighting. He was also seen able to use Brawler Aura as well, as he was seen launching Vulcan Jabs at Vincent.


  • Sword
    Debut: Chapter 11
    DJ's sword was his main weapon during his time in

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  • Vulcan Jab
    Debut: Chapter 11

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Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of DarknessEdit

DJ made his debut in Chapter 11 along side Knuckle Joe



  • He is the first relative of a main character to die onscreen if one does not count Kyle's death.
  • He is the first relative of Dedede's to use a Brawler Aura technique as well as Brawler Aura in general.
Dedede's Family
Great Grandparents: Dirk
Grandparents: Derek - Daisy
Parents: Derin † - Diantia
Uncles and Aunts: DJ †- Delia - Damian
Siblings: None
Cousins: Davey - Dewey - Debbie