Dark Matter Cataclysm
Dark Matter Cataclysm artwork
Artwork featuring the two sides of the Dark Matter Cataclysm.


Chapter 13 (Flashback)

Not to be confused with the chapter that has the same name.

The Dark Matter Cataclysm was a massive battle that happened on April 2nd first on Planet Ripple Star then on Planet Popstar 20 years before the beginning of the series. This event is a major story element in Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of Darkness and it is the main focus in Chapter 13, showing the events of it that happened on Planet Popstar.

In Chapter 16, Planet Ripple Star's side of this incident will be shown.


20 years before the beginning of the series, Planet Dark Star was destroyed when a asteroid stuck the planet and a majority of the Dark Matter species died and the surviving members and creatures leaving the planet in a comet made of Dark Matter. Dark Matter chose to ignore Planet Halcandra, knowing that Halcandra has advanced technology and would be difficult to conquer, they chose to invade Planet Ripple Star.

The battleEdit

Planet Ripple StarEdit

Planet PopstarEdit



  • Planet Ripple Star
    • Ripple Star Kingdom: 36 died
  • Planet Popstar
    • Dream Land: 57 died
    • Patch Land: 11 died
    • Floralia: 21 died
      • Total Deaths: 125


People who either took part in the battle or was somehow involved it it.

Planet Ripple StarEdit


Ripple Star ArmyEdit

Planet PopstarEdit

Dream LandEdit



  • Jackson
  • Members of the Floralian Army

Patch LandEdit



  • Rippla and Frostine's birthdays are on the same date when the Dark Matter Cataclysm happened. Rippla turned a year old and Frostine was born hours before it happened.

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