Queen Diantia2
Diantia, the former Queen of Dream Land.


Billow Bird


Chapter 10 (Mentioned)




32 †


Dirk † (Grandfather-in-law)
Derek (Father-in-law)
Daisy (Mother-in-law)
Derin † (Husband)
Damian (Brother-in-law)
Dedede (Son)
DJ † (Older brother)
Delia (Sister-in-law)
Davey (Nephew)
Dewey (Nephew)
Debbie (Niece)

Diantia was the Queen of Dream Land, the wife of King Derin and the mother of Dedede. She is younger sister of DJ and the aunt of Davey, Dewey and Debbie. Diantia was first mentioned, though not by name, in Kirby: Behind the Scenes 2: Drawcia's Return and Revenge during Chapter 10 by Cloud and Raven.

In Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of Darkness, Diantia is seen for the first time in Gerold's retelling of the Dark Matter Cataclysm.


Queen Diantia undies

Diantia in her undies, showing how her body looks.

Diantia is a Billow Bird that is pink in color. She has long, hair-like feathers, a yellow beak without a tip and feet and she has blue eyes. She has red eyeliner on her eyelids. She wore a orange robe with white rims on the bottom, around the wrists and where her neck would go and her crown was a hat similar to her husband and son's but with a white puffball and a peanut-shaped blue gem on it.

Around her waist, she wore a stomach sash with a zigzag pattern, with a dark orange zigzag on the top and a dark yellow zigzag on the bottom. She also wears a orange undershirt. Though very unlikely to be seen in the series, Diantia wears a orange bra and panties that have light orange rims and laces on it.

Diantia got a slight redesign, she is nearly identically the same as before but her figure is a bit more slender and her head feathers are much shorter. Her outfit remains the same.

Diantia's beta design was closely identical to her present design but she had 4 gems on her crown.


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When Diantia was a kid, her family moved to Waddle Dee Village where she attended school there.

Kirby: Behind the Scenes 2: Drawcia's Return and RevengeEdit

Diantia, though not mentioned by name, was first mentioned in Chapter 10 by Cloud.

Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of DarknessEdit

Diantia makes her first physical appearance in the series via a flashback in Chapter 13 in Gerold's retelling of the Dark Matter Cataclysm where she is seen telling Valerie, Darla, Serena and Aldilth about a explosion that happened at the restaurant that Derin and the others went to.



Dedede's Family
Grandparents: Derek - Daisy
Parents: Derin † - Diantia
Uncles and Aunts: DJ †- Delia
Siblings: None
Cousins: Davey - Dewey - Debbie