A Dracolos


Chapter 3

Dracolos are a type of dragon species native to Dream Land in the Kirby: Behind the Scenes series that made their debut in Chapter 3 of Kirby: Behind the Scenes as members of Drawcia's army. Though they are not sentient, they are close cousins of the Drakon species.


As their name suggested, Dracolos are dragon creatures that have dark red bodies, yellow bellies and red wings with a white spike. They have arms with hands with 3 claws and feet with 3 clawed toes. They also have a horn on their nose, a row of horns on their head and 2 curved spikes on the tip of their tail.



Kirby: Behind the ScenesEdit

Dracolos, Spark and Scarfy

The Dracolos' species debut.

A Dracolos marks the species' debut in Chapter 3 of Kirby: Behind the Scenes, along side a Sparky and a Scarfy that was trembling in fear of Drawcia being upset that her plan of killing Dedede and the gang with the masked mercenary was foiled. More Dracolos appeared in Chapter 4 along with other members of Drawcia's army when they attacked Castle Dedede.

One of them ate Waddle Doo, but he was freed and the Dracolos that ate Waddle Doo was killed after Waddle Doo shot Waddle Dee's Mini-Rex Wheelie and it exploded. While they were not seen in Chapter 5, it is likely that they took part in the battle there.

Like the Mumbies, the Dracolos that were in Drawcia's army were not the real thing as they were created with her paint magic.


  • The species' name was revealed by Waddle Dee Jr. during Chapter 3 in the digital version of the series.
Drawcia's Army
Leader: Drawcia
Major Members: Raven (hired, formerly) - Mumbies† - Dracolos
Non-Canon Members: Ron - Paint Dragon
Buildings: Drawcia's Hideout (base, destroyed)