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Drawcia's Army was a army that was lead by Drawcia during the events of Kirby: Behind the Scenes and as such, the army was the main antagonists during the above mentioned installment. Drawcia often attacked the Dream Warriors at the time with a member from her army throughout Kirby: Behind the Scenes but often failed.

The army was finally sent into battle as a whole in Chapters 4 and 5, but the army disappeared when Drawcia was killed by both Dedede and Kirby. The army is now no longer active as of Chapter 6 onward.


Kirby: Behind the ScenesEdit

Raven's QuestEdit

As Drawcia is the main antagonist of Raven's Quest, the army is the main antagonistic force in the episode.



Other Major MembersEdit

Non-Canon MembersEdit


Main GalleryEdit

Drawcia's Army
Leader: Drawcia
Major Members: Raven (hired, formerly) - Mumbies† - Dracolos
Non-Canon Members: Ron - Paint Dragon
Buildings: Drawcia's Hideout (base, destroyed)