Element Gem
Element Gem
Dedede holding the Element Gem in the digital version of the series.


Chapter 3


Waddle Dee Jr.

The Element Gem is a magical gem that is the long lost treasure of the Dee family. As it's name suggests, it is able to absorb elements and the wearer can use the power of the absorbed element with their attacks being themed of the element and being immune to it. The gem can be taken off of the necklace and worn on something else, such as a headband.


It is a red, diamond shaped gem with a black string for the necklace.

Role in the seriesEdit

Traditional versionEdit

The Element Gem has a more major role in the traditional version of the series. It was first seen at the end of Chapter 3 and it is mostly seen being worn by Waddle Dee as a necklace until Chapter 10 when he started wearing in on his headband. Waddle Dee first used it's power during Chapter 5 to absorb Waddle Doo's beam and it was used again during Chapter 11 when Waddle Dee used it to cross a river of magma.


Digital versionEdit

In the digital version of the series, the Element Gem's role and appearances are drastically cut down as most of his outfits that had the gem on it were cut out. Another reason of the Gem's minor role is that it made Waddle Dee a bit overpowered compared to his fellow Dream Warriors because he could change the gem's power to make him immune to a opponent's attack. The Gem was mostly seen in Chapters 3, 4 and 5.

The Element Gem is eventually not going to be used by Waddle Dee anymore and sent back home due to that Hector will attempt to destroy the Gem during his and Waddle Dee's battle.