Flash (battle technique)
White Flash
Cloud using the White Flash.


Chapter 5: Four Round Blobs of Doom



A Flash is a battle technique that appears in the Kirby: Behind the Scenes series. It is usually shown as a beam of energy shot from somewhere from the user's body, usually the hands. It was capable of destroying stone and vaporizing enemies.

Nowadays, unlike the Kamehameha, the Flash technique is incapable of vaporizing living beings. Instead, the being is blown away via a small explosion when it makes contact. The Flash technique is very similar to the attacks seen from the Fighter Copy Ability.

The Dream WarriorsEdit

White FlashEdit

The White Flash is Cloud's version, as he's the original inventor of this technique. Cloud does his similar to the Kamehameha of the Dragon Ball series. The White Flash is the first Flash to be seen in the series, it was first seen in Chapter 5. Hench the name, it's white in color.

Blue FlashEdit

The Blue Flash is Dedede's version. He was taught the Flash move by Cloud. His Flash is blue in color. He performs it by holding out his right hand and then fires the Flash. He also taught it to his uncle.

Red FlashEdit

Red Flash is Waddle Dee's version, taught to him by Dedede. It is red in color. He performs it by charging an energy sphere near where his mouth would be while surrounded by a fiery, red aura. He then shoots it from where the same spot he charged it, giving him the appearance as if he is breathing a beam of fire.

Yellow FlashEdit

Yellow Flash is Waddle Doo's version, also taugh to him by Dedede. Yellow in color. He shoots it out his eye.

Magic FlashEdit

Magic Flash is Drawcia's version, she possibly learned the move after she seen Dedede perform his or either Cloud or Dedede taught it to her. It is purple in color. She shoots it out of her wand. Unlike her friends' Flashes, Drawcia's Flash is composed of magic instead of fighting energy.

Pink FlashEdit

Pink Flash is Raven's version. He known it for awhile. Pink in color. He charges two energy spheres in each hand while holding his arms to his sides and then slams them together, creating a energy beam from his palms. This is similar to Vegeta's Final Flash.