Floralia 2
Floralia as it appears in the series.


Chapter 13 (flashback)


Sectonia (currently)
Jackson and Lumina (formerly, deceased)

Florialia, also called the Land of Giants, is a country on Planet Popstar located to the west of Dream Land and it is the homeland of Sectian species, though many other species live here as well. Florialia made it's debut in a flashback during Gerold's retelling of the Dark Matter Cataclysm in Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of Darkness and it was one of the 3 countries that was attacked by Dark Matter, the other two being Dream Land and Patch Land.

Florialia is a neighbor of Dream Land and unlike it's appearance in Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Floralia is a island in the ocean instead of the sky. Florialia is a lush jungle, filled with many types of plants and insect versions of some species that live in Dream Land. People from Floralia are called Floralians.

Floralia is one of the 5 Great Kingdoms along with Dream Land and Patch Land to the west, White Wafers to the northwest and Cucurbita Kingdom to the southwest.

Stella System
Planet Popstar - Planet Rock Star - Planet Aqua Star - Planet Neo Star - Planet Shiver Star - Planet Ripple Star - Planet Halcandra - Planet Dark Star (destroyed)

Planet Popstar:
Dream Land: Castle Dedede - Dreamtropolis - Whispy Woods Forest - Rocky Mountains (Rocky Caverns)- Drawcia's Hideout (destroyed) - Salt Desert (Salt Village - Castle Gobi (destroyed)) - Pepper Volcano
Floralia: Flora Palace
Patch Land: Castle Fluff
White Wafers: Wafer Castle
Cucurbita Kingdom: Cucurbita Palace

Planet Ripple Star:
Ripple Kingdom: Ripple Palace

Dimensions: Paint Dimension (destroyed) - Hell - Doomer Dimension - Heaven

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