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Gregory is a character who made his debut in Chapter 12 of Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of Darkness and he was a member of the Salt Army until the army disbanded after the demise of Gobi.

He later became a member of the Dream Land Royal Army in Chapter 14 along with Miles, Lyle, Lancesten, Saundra, Saba and Zeena.


Gregory size

Gregory's size compared to average Pangolans.

Gregory is a large sized Pangolan that is about the same size as Dedede and he has brown hide with a white chin and belly that go down between his feet, tannish brown spikes on his back and he has hands with 2 clawed fingers and a clawed thumb.

He has feet that supports his large size and like other Pangolans, he has a long snout with a pink nose, mouth filled with sharp teeth and his most noticeable trait is his large chin with 3 chin hairs.


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As shown in his debut appearance, Gregory is a aggressive fellow who isn't afraid to attack and kill without warning. However, he is shown that he is overconfident as he was defeated rather easily by Dedede with a single punch.


History Edit

Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of DarknessEdit

Gregory made his debut in Chapter 12 when he spotted the Dream Warriors and Knuckle Joe.


Salt ArmyEdit


Salt Army
Leader: Gobi
Major Members: Saba (formerly) - Hector † - Zeena (formerly) - Saundra (formerly) - Ryan
Other Members: Lancesten (formerly) - Miles (formerly) - Lyle (formerly) - Gregory (formerly)
Dream Land Royal Army
Leader: Dedede
Major Members: Waddle Dee Jr. - Waddle Doo - Cloud - Raven - Drawcia - Rachel - Mack - Lancesten - Miles - Lyle - Gregory - Saundra - Saba - Zeena - Julia
Buildings: Castle Dedede (home and base)

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