Saundra, the first female Keke to be seen in the series.


Chapter 13

Kekes, pronounced "key-key" or "kay-kay" depending on one's choice of how to pronounce it and Keke for singular use, are one of the many species to live in Dream Land in the series. The species made it's debut in Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of Darkness. While other species are capable of using magic, Kekes are one of the 3 species well known for their use of magic, the other 2 being the Wizendrens and the Fairies.

While Kekes are all female in the games with no males seen at all, there are male Kekes as well in the series. The first Keke to be seen in the series was Saundra and she is also the first female one to appear.


Kekes are humanoid cat-like beings and they generally have the same body style as they do in the games: humanoid beings with stubby feet on the bottom of their feet and cat ears on their head, these ears on their head are indeed their actual ears. Unlike female Wizendrens, teenage and adult female Kekes wear robes or outfits that usually mostly or fully show their figures, which are usually very curvy. Male Kekes have smaller ears than the females, but they can hear just as well as the females can.

Kekes also have sharp canine teeth in their upper jaws and some individuals have their canines showing, such example being Irene. Some individuals do have tails, with Mimi being such example and some individuals do have slitted pupils like real world cats, with Clark being such a example.


Kekes are versatile in using magic in battle for both offensive and defensive purposes. Much like Wizendrens, they can use a variety of magic such as fire, ice, electricity and so on but unlike Wizendrens, Kekes cannot create portals or cast magic curses onto other beings. They have average level of physical strength but some individuals do have some high levels of physical strength, a example being Jazmine.

Kekes also have a good sense of hearing, even if they are wearing something one their head that covers their ears and both male and female Kekes have this sense of hearing.

Known KekesEdit

Female KekesEdit

Male KekesEdit

Raven's QuestEdit

Keke in Raven's Quest

Kekes as they appear in Raven's Quest.

Kekes appear as enemies in Raven's Quest despite that they did not appear during the first installment.


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