Kirby, the first Kirby to be seen in the series.


Chapter 1

Kirbies, called Kirby for singular use, are a species that inhabit Dream Land and Planet Popstar in the series. They are a common species, but they are not as common as Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos and Wizendrens.

Kirby himself was the first seen member of the species, as well as the first male one.


Kirbies look much like they do in the games and they come in a variety of colors. Some Kirbies have hands on their arms and these Kirbies are referred as Knight Kirbies, they are also a bit larger than a average Kirby. Knight Kirbies usually wear shoulder pads on their arms and masks to protect their faces when they are in battle. These masks make their eyes the color they are and they change color according to their emotions.


All Kirbies have the ability to inhale and inflate themselves to fly, as well as copy their foes abilities. However, they seem to be quite adaptable to learning other fighting styles as well.

Known KirbiesEdit


Male KirbiesEdit

Female KirbiesEdit

Knight KirbiesEdit

Male Knight KirbiesEdit

Female Knight KirbiesEdit


  • Meta Knight and Galacta Knight's species haven't ever been said in the games, they are considered Kirbies in the series for simplicity and their similarity to Kirby in general.

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