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Laura (Wife)
Gerold (Son)
Dandy (Son)
Lucy (Daughter-in-law)
Waddle Doo (Grandson)
Iris (Granddaughter)

Linden was a character who was mentioned in Chapter 13 of Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of Darkness. He was the husband of Laura, the father of Gerold and Dandy, the father in law of Lucy and the grandfather of Waddle Doo and Iris.


Linden was a Waddle Doo that was purple in color with orange feet and a sky blue eye. He had white hair on the side of his head that went around the back and he had three strands of hair on top of his head. He also had a walking cane with him to help him move around and he had wrinkles near the bottom of his eye.


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Not much is known about Linden's personality but it is safe to say that he was a kind person who loved spending time with his family, especially his grandson.


Main Article: Beam Force
As a Waddle Doo, Linden had a keen sense of sight and he could produce energy that was generated due to a organ located next to his brain. It is unknown how skilled he was with using it.



Linden stayed in Salt Village for all of his life and lived there with his family and he was close with Waddle Doo, his grandson, and they often fished together at the port of Salt Village. 11 years before the series began, his wife, Laura, passed away due to natural causes.

After the Salt Desert became the Salt Kingdom due to a peace treaty that was signed, Linden didn't like the idea of being ruled by Gobi and spoke out against him, only to be killed by the cruel Pangolan in front of a 8 year old Waddle Doo.

Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of DarknessEdit

Linden was mentioned in Chapter 13 where it was revealed that he was killed by Gobi 10 years ago before the series began when Linden spoke out against Gobi.



Linden was very close with his family and often spent time with them.

Waddle DooEdit

Linden was very close with Waddle Doo, his grandson. They often went fishing together at the port of Salt Village. Linden's death made Waddle Doo hate Gobi very much to the point that being unintentionally reminded that Gobi killed Linden by Rick, Waddle Doo left his family's inn to try to avenge Linden by himself though only to get killed again in the process.


Waddle Doo's Family
Grandparents: Linden - Laura
Parents: Dandy - Lucy
Uncles and Aunts: Gerold
Siblings: Iris
Cousins: None yet revealed

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