Magic Brush
Magic Brush
Magic Brush


Chapter 1


Drawcia (Formerly)

The Magic Brush was a item that used by Drawcia during the events of Kirby: Behind the Scenes, where it also only appeared. It was mostly seen in Chapter 1 when after her encounter with Whispy Woods , Drawcia went to the dry cleaning in Waddle Dee Village to get the brush cleaned but the owner got her and Dedede's dry cleaning mixed up and the brush ended up in Dedede's possession. It wasn't seen again until Chapter 5 where Dedede tossed it at Drawcia's head after she insulted him. It has never been seen since and it was destroyed, crushed and buried under the ruins of Drawcia's hideout.


It is simple a paintbrush with a brown handle and white brush, the brush was often covered in paint.


It was only seen to create weapons for Drawcia to use against her opponents. It is unknown if she could use with her paint magic or not.


  • It is based off of the Magical Paintbrush from Kirby Canvas Curse. It is indeed a counterpart with a different name, much like how Solaron is a counterpart of Nova.