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Masher was a character who made it's debut in Chapter 10 of Kirby: Behind the Scenes 2: Drawcia's Return and Revenge where it was one of the tertiary antagonists along of the before mentioned installment with Zerox, Damozoph and Mecha-Sword Knight.


Masher looks much like it's game counterpart, except it is silver with black arms, a gold spike on top of it's head and blue eyes. It also lacks the cross on it's chest.


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It is shown to be very cocky and arrogant, often taunting it's enemies. It is also shown not taking insults well, such as when Cloud called it a tin can.


Unlike the Mecha-Sword Knight, it was actually seen in battle. It was mainly seen fighting with a flail.


Kirby: Behind the Scenes 2: Drawcia's Return and RevengeEdit

Masher makes it's debut offscreen attempting to attack Cloud with it's flail but Cloud hears it swinging the flail and ducks as it flies over his head and hits Mecha-Sword Knight, which makes it fall on top of Raven and Raven tosses it at Masher. The two get into a brief argument but Cloud gets it attention by calling it tin can and Masher attempts to attack him but Cloud trips it with his foot. It then attacks with his flail but Cloud deflects it with his spear and destroys it.

Cloud tells him that he came to fight not to play ping pong, Masher gets eager to fight but Cloud pokes it's hand with the tip of his spear, making Masher recoil in pain. Cloud calls it a wuss while Raven yells at Cloud to stop playing around and kick Masher's butt, Masher calls Raven annoying but Cloud responds but punching Masher in the face and this cracks Masher's helmet. With it helmet cracked, Masher gets mad.

It later combines with Mecha-Sword Knight to form Masher Knight and hits Raven with it flail. Cloud tells him that he shouldn't have done that and it is attacked by Raven, having a hole torn into it and it's arm torn off in the process. Raven then slashes it with his axe to destroy him.


Mecha-Sword KnightEdit

They seem to somewhat get along but they tend to get into arguments.


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