Mecha-Sword Knight
Mecha-Sword Knight
Mecha-Sword Knight


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Mecha-Sword Knight was a character who made it's debut in Chapter 10 of Kirby: Behind the Scenes 2: Drawcia's Return and Revenge where it was one of the tertiary antagonists along with Zerox, Damozoph and Masher.


It looks much like average Sword Knights except he has silver helmet with 3 holes on the tip, silver shoulder pads and shoes. It has a pale black body with a 4 strap belt with a grey metal ring connecting them all together and it's arms are the same pale black as his body and it wears white gloves on his hands. It has yellow eyes. It is also quite large, being 5 times Raven's size but despite it's large size, it is quite light in weight.


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Not much of it personality is seen but what is seen is that it dislikes having his armor scratched and that it is a bit cowardly, as he was seen running away from Raven.


It wasn't seen in combat very much, but it likely has a large sword for combat. It can also combine together with Masher.


Kirby: Behind the Scenes 2: Drawcia's Return and RevengeEdit

Mecha-Sword Knight makes it's debut in Chapter 10 when Raven almost crashes into it and scratches it's right foot. It curses at Raven for this. It is later hit unintentionally by Masher's flail and falls on top of Raven, which this ends angering Raven. Raven lifts the Mecha-Sword Knight off of him and tosses it at Masher and the two begin to argue. It calls Raven "Pinky" and Raven ends up chasing after it with him running in fear.

It later combines with Masher to form Masher Knight and hits Raven with it's flail. Cloud tells him that it shouldn't have done that and it is attacked by Raven, having a hole torn into it and it's arm torn off in the process. Raven then slashes it with his axe to destroy him.



They seem to somewhat get along but they tend to get into arguments.


  • It is made out of aluminium, making it quite light in weight despite it's large size.
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