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Miracle Matter is a high ranking Dark Matter creature that was created in a lab on Dark Star a year before Dark Star was destroyed by the asteroid that struck it. It will be one of the secondary antagonists of Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of Darkness along side Dark Nebula, Dark Matter Knight, Dark Mind and Dark Crafter.

It is the K: BTS series' incarnation of Miracle Matter from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.


Miracle Matter is a Dark Matter creature that resembles a crystal with it's only noticeable feature being it's eye that has red sclera with a slitted pupil and it's white skin. When injured, dark grey cracks appear on it's body where it was injured.

It originally looked much like it did in the games, being a icosahedron with eyes on it.


Miracle Matter can transform into other forms and besides it's eye, it's body as changes in shape according to the form in turns into.


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Miracle Matter is rather simple in personality: it is loyal to it's fellow Dark Matter, especially 0, and it has shown that is quite aggressive to anyone or anything that is considered a enemy to it's fellow Dark Matter. It is mute and lacks the ability to speak, but it shows it's by turning into it's other forms.


Miracle Matter is a shapeshifter and it can transform into different forms at will and as such, it's abilities change as well. All of it's forms have a unique defense mechanism, if any attack that is not the same element or anything that can harm the form Miracle Matter is currently in, a force field will defend Miracle Matter from harm completely.



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Dark Matter
Leader: 0
Major Members: Dark Matter Knight - Miracle Matter - Dark Nebula - Dark Mind - Dark Crafter - Zada † - Tony - Rodger - Randall
Dark Matter Creatures: Mariel - Nidoo - N-Z - Minion Matter - Armomatter
Hybrids: Hybrid Sphere Doomer

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