Paint Dragon
Paint Dragon and Mini-Paint Dragon
Raven's Quest artwork of Mini-Paint Dragon and the Paint Dragon


Raven's Quest

The Paint Dragon is a mid-boss that appears in Raven's Quest and it is the first mid-boss to appear. It is a creation of Drawcia's and it is considered her version of the Ice Dragon due to it's exact appearance to the former. As it's name suggests, it's main attack is spitting paint.

The smaller one are called Mini-Paint Dragons and they are normal enemies but they lack the paint-spitting ability of their larger counterpart. This article will refer to both of them together.


As mentioned above, the Paint Dragon and Mini-Paint Dragons look exactly like the Ice Dragon but they are purple in color and have lavender eyes. Their zigzag mouth hides their sharp teeth, though their teeth are not visible on their sprites.

Raven's QuestEdit

Paint Dragon in Raven's Quest

The Paint Dragon mid-boss as it appears in Raven's Quest.

Both the Paint Dragon and the Mini Paint Dragon make their debut in the second level, Level 2- Starfruit Plains. Raven will first encounter the mid-boss Paint Dragon first then the Mini-Paint Dragons become common enemies after that. The Paint Dragon mid-boss behaves much like Birdo does in Super Mario Bros. 2, walking around and eventually spitting a ball of paint.

It is impervious to fireballs from Fire Sword Raven and iceballs from Frost Sword Raven, but it's paint globs can be frozen. It can be defeated by Raven striking it 3 times with his sword, 3 hits from Sword Beams from Super Sword Raven or landing on it with Stone Raven's stone form 3 times. But the Super and Stone Power Orbs are not available in Starfruit Plains. It is worth 2,000 points when defeated.

Mini Paint Dragon in Raven's Quest

A Mini-Paint Dragon as they appear in Raven's Quest.

Mini-Paint Dragons are not as much as a threat as their larger counterpart as a single sword attack is enough to defeat them but they cannot be harmed by fireballs and iceballs like their larger counterpart. They just walk back and forth, turning at cliffs if they come across again in their path and as mentioned above, they lack the ability to spit balls of paint.


  • The Paint Dragon is a direct reference to Kirby's Dream Land 3 and Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, where Ado and Adeleiene painted the Ice Dragon in their respective games.
Drawcia's Army
Leader: Drawcia
Major Members: Raven (hired, formerly) - Mumbies† - Dracolos
Non-Canon Members: Ron - Paint Dragon
Buildings: Drawcia's Hideout (base, destroyed)

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