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Mikes, Lyle and Gregory, the 3 first seen Pangolans in the series.


Chapter 12

Pangolans, pronounced "pan-go-lan", are a species of pangolin-like creatures that live in the Salt Desert region of Dream Land. The species made their debut in Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of Darkness.


Pangolans are mammal creatures that are usually anywhere from brown, tan or grey in color, they have clawed hands with 2 fingers and a thumb, a long snout and their mouths are filled with sharp, pointy teeth. They all have pink noses with pointed tips, though some individuals may have a round tip, such as Lancesten. They have stubby feet that are attached to their bodies, much like many other species in the Kirby games. These feet originally had claws on them but these claws have been retconned and are no longer a part of the Pangolans' design.

As seen with Gregory and Gobi, some Pangolans have porcupine-like spikes on their back. These spikes are much shorter on female Pangolans but they are still sharp and can be used for attacking.


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Male PangolansEdit

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  • Pangolans are based and named after the pangolin. Unlike the pangolin, Pangolans have teeth.