Red: Hazel
Blue: Irene
Green: Penny

The Pix are a trio of robots that will make their debut in Kirby: Behind the Scenes 4: Dimensional Spheres as members of the Halcandran Empire. They were technically designed by Penny but each one of them was made by a different person but they function as one and individually they are known as Red Pix for the red one, Blue Pix for the blue one and Green Pix for the green one.

They were originally not meant to be battle robots but Hazel, Irene and Penny were ordered to make them battle robots against the 3 girls' wills.

They were inspired by and named after the Pix from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.


The Pix are made up of three octahedral crystal-shaped robots: One has red armor, another has green, and the last one has blue armor. On the inside, they are cylinder in shape with 4 holes where their cannons are and they have blades on the top and bottom of the cylinder. These blades and cannons are retractable.


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Unlike other robots seen previously in the series that usually have programmed personalities, the Pix usually are dormant until they are ordered to attack.


The colored parts of the Pix are their armor and the armor is quite durable and it can withstand blows from physically strong foes. Their main means of defense is their shield system that defends them from most attacks except when they are attacking, as the shields are weakest during this time. They levitate in the air due to that they have a built in anti-gravity system and they have a sensory system that they use to track their enemies.

Their offensive weaponry are 4 retractable energy cannons and 2 retractable blades. They require to be turned on via a signal and only Hazel, Irene and Penny have devices that can produce the said signal. They follow their orders via voice command but they only respond to Penny's voice, thus requiring Penny to be around for the Pix to operate.



Sometime between the 3 years before the series and the present day is when the Pix where built by Hazel, Irene and Penny.

Kirby: Behind the Scenes 4: Dimensional SpheresEdit

The Pix will make their debut in this installment of the series.


  • The Pix are the first robots that require certain peoples' voices to operate.
Halcandran Empire
Leader: Magolor
Major Members: Richard - Arthur - Dubior - Pix - Penny - Hazel - Irene - Terri - Susie - Elazar
Associates: Doomers (Grand Doomer - Sphere Doomers - Hybrid Sphere Doomer)

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