Planet Aqua Star
Planet Aqua Star
Planet Aqua Star


Chapter 2 (cameo)



Planet Aqua Star is the 3rd planet in the Stella System and it is the homeworld of the Scimistar species, the only sentient species that lives on the planet. The planet hasn't appeared in the series yet in full, but it has made a cameo and it was mentioned by name for the first time by Raymond in Chapter 13.

Climate and TerrainEdit

Aqua Star is a tropical planet and rain falls very often. It also has occasional hurricanes as well, though they are very rarely strong. Aqua Star's surface is mostly covered by ocean, but there are a lot of islands of various shapes and sizes.

Species of Aqua StarEdit

Sentient SpeciesEdit

  • Scimistar


Planet Aqua Star has advanced technology as well, third to that of Planet Halcandra and Planet Ripple Star. Such things they have are spaceships and blasters.


Early Stella System cameo

Planet Aqua Star's cameo from Chapter 2.

  • Planet Aqua Star made a cameo in Chapter 2 in the cockpit of Cloud's Hydra with Planet Popstar, Planet Rock Star, Planet Shiver Star and Planet Ripple Star appearing on a screen on the dashboard.
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