Planet Ripple Star
Planet Ripple Star
Planet Ripple Star


Chapter 2 (Cameo)



Planet Ripple Star is the 6th planet of the Stella System and the homeworld of the Fairy species, the planet's sole sentient species. 20 years prior to the beginning of the series, Planet Ripple Star was invaded by the Dark Matter species in a event that became known as the Dark Matter Cataclysm. The planet made it's first appearance in a cameo in Chapter 2 and it's name was mentioned for the first time in Chapter 13.

The Dark Matter Cataclysm ended with Ripple Star gaining new allies from Dream Land, the first time the Fairies ever made a alliance with beings from another planet. Ripple Star's appearance is a pink heart with a red ring around it and the planet has 3 moons. Planet Ripple Star's time in hours is 1 hour behind Planet Popstar's.

Much like Popstar, Planet Ripple Star does have separate countries

In Kirby: Behind the Scenes 4: Dimensional Spheres, Planet Ripple Star will be the second primary setting.

Climate and TerrainEdit

Planet Rippla Star's climate is very spring like, there are a lot of plants growing on Ripple Star with bodies of fresh water. Like Popstar, the planet has a variety of terrain such as forests, mountain ranges, polar areas and other regions. The planet does also have some oceans as well.

Species of Ripple StarEdit

Sentient SpeciesEdit

  • Fairy


Ripple Star is one of the most technologically advanced planets in the series as the Fairies possess spaceships and blasters for weapons and other technology for other uses such as computers that are able to scan a planet's surface and detect what is going on. However, Ripple Star's technology is second to it's neighbor, Planet Halcandra.


Early Stella System cameo
  • Ripple Star made a cameo in Chapter 2 on the dashboard of Cloud's Hydra along with Planet Popstar, Planet Rock Star, Planet Aqua Star and Planet Shiver Star.
    • Since Chapter 2 was drawn long before the Stella System was named and designed, Ripple Star looks much like it does in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Stella System
Planet Popstar - Planet Rock Star - Planet Aqua Star - Planet Neo Star - Planet Shiver Star - Planet Ripple Star - Planet Halcandra - Planet Dark Star (destroyed)

Planet Popstar:
Dream Land: Castle Dedede - Dreamtropolis - Whispy Woods Forest - Rocky Mountains (Rocky Caverns)- Drawcia's Hideout (destroyed) - Salt Desert (Salt Village - Castle Gobi (destroyed)) - Pepper Volcano
Floralia: Flora Palace
Patch Land: Castle Fluff
White Wafers: Wafer Castle
Cucurbita Kingdom: Cucurbita Palace

Planet Ripple Star:
Ripple Kingdom: Ripple Palace

Dimensions: Paint Dimension - Hell - Doomer Dimension - Heaven

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