Planet Rock Star
Planet Rock Star
Planet Rock Star


Chapter 2 (Cameo)



Planet Rock Star is the 2nd planet of the Stella System and it once was a green lush world thousands of years ago prior to the series before a unknown climate disaster happened and turned the planet into a barren desert, rocky world and thus living up to it's name.

Because the planet is barren of life, it is often not visited by the space faring species of the Stella System and thus that makes Planet Rock Star a suitable place for criminals to make bases here.

Climate and TerrainEdit

Planet Rock Star is a barren world with a few lifeforms and some areas where water is. The planet's terrain is mostly vast deserts, mountain ranges and other rock formations such as mesas. The planet does have a breathable atmosphere, meaning that other species can visit the planet.

Species of Planet Rock StarEdit

It is unknown if Planet Rock Star had any sentient species before the planet's climate changed. Most of the lifeforms that live on Planet Rock Star are ones that are rocky in appearance and/or adapted for life in the desert.


Early Stella System cameo

Popstar's cameo in Chapter 2.

  • Planet Rock Star made a cameo in Chapter 2 on the dashboard of Cloud's Hydra along side Planet Popstar, Planet Aqua Star, Planet Shiver Star and Planet Ripple Star.
    • As the Stella System wasn't named or designed at the time, Planet Rock Star looks similar to how it does in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
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