Poppy Bros. Jr.
Ryan, the first male Poppy Bros. Jr. to be seen in the series.


Chapter 13

Poppy Bros. Jrs. are one of the many species that inhabit Dream Land in the series. The females of both species are referred as Poppy Sis instead. The species made it's debut in Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of Darkness.


Poppy Bros. Jrs. look muck like they do in the games and they have their hands visible all the time instead but still detached from their bodies. Most members of the species wear clothing similar to jesters but not all of them do such as Albert and Kenta. Poppy Bros. Srs. are basically just larger counterparts of Poppy Bros. Jrs., being a bit more taller in height.


Poppy Bros. Jrs. are pretty good at throwing objects at their opponents, usually bombs and other explosives. Some individuals are shown to have other skills, such as Albert was good at bio engineering though he doesn't do so anymore but he is good at mechanics. This suggests that Poppy Bros. Jrs. are very versatile.

Known Poppy Bros. Jrs. and Srs.Edit

Poppy Bro. Jrs.Edit

Male Poppy Bros. Jrs.Edit

Female Poppy Sis. Jrs.Edit

Poppy Bros. Srs.Edit

Male Poppy Bros. Srs.Edit

Female Poppy Sis. Srs.Edit

Raven's QuestEdit

Poppy Bros. Jr. in Raven's Quest

Poppy Bros. Jrs. as they appear in Raven's Quest.

Poppy Bros. Jrs. appear as enemies in Raven's Quest. They attack Raven by tossing hammers at Raven much like Hammer Bros. but Raven can block their hammers if they hit in Raven's defending areas and they often appear in pairs. They can be defeated in many different ways and they are worth 200 points when they are defeated. Much like the other enemies, these Poppy Bros. Jrs. are creations of Drawcia.

Ron, the series' first Poppy Bro. Sr. character, is the first boss of Raven's Quest.