Red Star Mafia
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Chapter 14



The Red Star Mafia is a mafia-based group that was founded by Don Colombo and the group made their debut in Chapter 14 of Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of Darkness but the organization has existed since before the Dark Matter Cataclysm occurred.

The organization was enemies with the Dream Land Royal Army before the deaths of Derin and Diantia, but the two organizations called a truce after the incident at Castle Derin happened.

Don eventually passed down leadership to his son, Capone, and Capone now leads the current Red Star Mafia. In honor of the previous generation's truce with the Dream Land Royal Army


Don's Red Star MafiaEdit


Other MembersEdit

Capone's Red Star MafiaEdit


Other Major MembersEdit

Red Star Mafia
Leader: Capone Colombo
Major Members: Sanston Novellius - Gilbert Selander - Lesley Cornea - Wesley Cornea

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