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Ron is a character that appeared as the first boss of Raven's Quest and he was originally a non-canon character but he was brought over to the main series as a member of the Shadow Rouges that raided Castle Derin 10 years before the series began.


Main SeriesEdit

Raven's QuestEdit

Ron's design is much different than how he looks in the main series. The biggest difference is that wears a pink outfit with two yellow buttons, a pink hat with a white rim and a white ball on the tip, yellow jester shoes, red sunglasses and he has brown hair and peach skin.


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Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of DarknessEdit

Raven's QuestEdit

Ron in Raven's Quest

Ron as he appears in Raven's Quest.

Ron appears in Raven's Quest as the first boss where he and a group of enemies at attacking Castle Dedede. Ron attacks the same way as Mouser does in Super Mario Bros. 2 by moving around and tossing bombs. Raven can defeat him by picking up and tossing his bombs back at him 4 times, hitting him with Raven's sword 10 times, blasting him with 20 fireballs from Fire Sword Raven, landing on him with Stone Raven's stone transformation 4 times or 10 Sword Beams from Super Sword Raven.

However, the Fire, Stone and Super Power Orbs are not available in the level he is in. He is worth 2,000 points if he is defeated with bombs or with Stone Raven's stone transformation.



  • In Raven's Quest, Waddle Dee Jr. confirms him to be a living being instead of a creation of Drawcia.
  • He is the first Poppy Bro. Sr. to appear in the series, both in the main series' canon and spin-offs. However, in Raven's Quest, Ron uses the sprites of a Poppy Bro. Jr. but he is referred as a Sr. and he is much bigger than the normal Poppy Bro. Jrs.

Drawcia's Army
Leader: Drawcia
Major Members: Raven (hired, formerly) - Mumbies† - Dracolos
Non-Canon Members: Ron - Paint Dragon
Buildings: Drawcia's Hideout (base, destroyed)

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