Salt Army
Salt Army logo
Logo of the Salt Army.


Chapter 12



The Salt Army is a army that is led by Gobi that was formed 10 years before the series began. 10 years after the Dark Matter Cataclysm, Gobi organized a army to rebel against Derin as a form of revenge, as Gobi was unaware of the true murderers of his parents were.

The army had a few conflicts with the Dream Land Royal Army until a truce was signed but at a price: the Salt Desert became the Salt Kingdom with Gobi as it's King. 10 years later, the army disbanded after the demise of Gobi and the surviving members went to become members of the Dream Land Royal Army.



Other Major MembersEdit

Salt Army
Leader: Gobi
Major Members: Saba (formerly) - Hector † - Zeena (formerly) - Saundra (formerly) - Ryan
Other Members: Lancesten (formerly) - Miles (formerly) - Lyle (formerly) - Gregory (formerly)

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