Julia, the very first Scimistar and the first female one to be seen in the series.


Chapter 13 (flashback) Note: That the Scimistars seen in Chapters 13 and 14 before Julia are no longer characters in the series.

Scimistars, Scimistar for singular use, are the sole sentient species of Planet Aqua Star but there are some individuals and families who live one other worlds in the Stella System. The Scimistars are a warrior race, but they are rather peaceful and don't resort to violence unless necessary.


Scimistars are humanoids with stubby feet on the bottom of their bodies and their hair usually blends in with the color of their skin, making it look their hair is their skin but it is actually their hair. One noticeable trait among Scimistars is that they can have skin tones of various colors with shades of green, blue, purple and red been seen on individuals so far.

Some Scimistars also have cheek blushes that are a darker tone of their skin color. Like other species in the series, their appearance such as size can vary on the individual. Their blood is red in color.


As they are a warrior race, Scimistars have a high level of physical strength to the point that they can shatter stone with their bare hands and they are good with handling technology, as their world is one of the technologically advanced planets in the series.

Some individuals are known to use magic as well.

Known ScimistarsEdit

Male ScimistarsEdit

Female ScimistarsEdit


  • The species gets their name from scimitar, a type of sword in the real world, and star. This references that one of the two Scimistars seen in the Kirby anime series, Garlude, was a Star Warrior in the English dub of the anime series and she used a sword.

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