Unnamed parents
Whitney (younger sister)
Twistra (younger sister)

Sonet is a character who will make her debut in Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of Darkness. She was the class bully of Drawcia's class during their Magic Academy years.


Sonet in her undies

Sonet in her underwear, showing how her body looks.

Sonet has peach skin, burgundy hair, darkish purple eyes and a small beauty mark nearby her right eye. She wears a purple robe that has her shoulders, a bit of her cleavage showing and lavender ribbons on her robe with a lavender rim around the top of her robe. She is also a bit well endowed. She has lavender eyeliner and pink lipstick. Though likely to be never seen in the series, Sonet wears a lavender bra and panties with purple music notes on them under her robe.

At 13 years old, Sonet looked pretty much the same as she does now but she wore a robe that covered her body entirely, she had a white ribbon on her hat and she didn't wear eyeliner and lipstick.


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Sonet is vain and very egotistic. She thinks of herself as being beautiful beyond compare and that other girls are ugly in comparison to her. She tends to bully and mock people that she doesn't like, such examples being Drawcia, Hazel, Camille and Antonia. However, Sonet is sensitive to insults regarding her appearance such as being called ugly or fat.


Sonet uses magic that has no element and that is shaped like music notes.



Because of her frequent bullying, Sonet was held back for 3 years for picking on other students and this got her suspended or expelled from the Magic Academy. When she was finally let back in the Academy, she was put in Drawcia's class. Because of Drawcia's idea of paint magic, Hazel's idea of machine-based magic and Camille and her twin sister Antonia's magic being themed with ghosts, Sonet often mocked them for it when the teachers were not around.

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  • Sonet's design was inspired by Captain Syrup from the Wario Land games.

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