Sphere Doomers
Sphere Doomer
A Sphere Doomer.


Chapter 20

Sphere Doomers, referred as Dimension Monsters by the Fairies of Planet Ripple Star, are a species from Planet Halcandra that will make their debut in Kirby: Behind the Scenes 4: Dimensional Spheres as one of the antagonists. They are a stronger variant of the Doomer species and they are lead by the Grand Doomer.

They are the K: BTS series' incarnation of the Sphere Doomers from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.


The Sphere Doomers' design is greatly different than they appear in the games: they orb-shaped, bird-like creatures with a feathery crest on top of their head, large wings, feathers on the bottom of their body and a tail feather, though the number of tail feathers vary on the type of Sphere Doomer. They have a total of 3 eyes, which the color of varies depending on the type.

Sphere DoomerEdit

This Sphere Doomer is purple in color with 3 yellow eyes and a single tail feather.

Fire Sphere DoomerEdit

The Fire Sphere Doomer is red in color with 3 orange eyes and two tail feathers.

Spark Sphere DoomerEdit

The Spark Sphere Doomer is green in color with 3 lime green eyes and three tail feathers.

Ice Sphere DoomerEdit

The Ice Sphere Doomer is silverish-white in color with 3 purplish blue eyes and four tail feathers.


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All four types of Sphere Doomers are shown to be aggressive, attacking anything either on their own or when they are commanded to attack. The Fire Sphere Doomer is said to be the one with the shortest temper.





  • Originally, the Sphere Doomers and the Grand Doomer were going to be the only members of the Doomer species to be seen before the others were added in.
  • Their design is actually a mix of the Sphere Doomers' design in the Main and Extra Games in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. In the Main Game, they have two eyes while in the Extra Game they have one.
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