The Dee Family
Dee family 2
The named members of the Dee family.
Top Row: Darla Dee, Waddle Dee Sr., Dr. Waddlesworth, Disco Dee, Macky Dee.
Bottom Row: Bailey Dee and Garbo Dee


Waddle Dee (all except Macky)
Wapod (Macky only, was a Waddle Dee when she was alive)

The Dee family are Waddle Dee Jr.'s relatives and they are the among some of the many inhabitants of Waddle Dee Village. They are usually seen with a member of the family having a different job. Their designs usually relate to their jobs and like Waddle Dee himself, they hate being called anything relating to shortness, such as "shortstuff". Of the main character's main families, the Dee family are the largest by far.


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