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June 7th

Not to be confused with the species of the same name.

"What... did you just say?" -Waddle Dee, when Dedede first called him "shortstuff" in Chapter 10.

Waddle Dee Jr., commonly referred as Waddle Dee most of the time, is one of the seven main characters in the Kirby: Behind the Scenes series. He is one of the six main characters in the first installment, along with Dedede, Waddle Doo, Cloud, Raven and Drawcia (who was a antagonist at the time). He and Dedede are the first characters introduced in the series, appearing the the very first scene of Kirby: Behind the Scenes.

Waddle Dee Jr. is also the Royal Commander of the Dream Land Royal Army. He was the first member of the Dee family as well as the first Waddle Dee to be seen in the series.

Though Waddle Dee Jr. is his own character, he is the K: BTS series' incarnation of Bandana Waddle Dee in a sense.

Appearance Edit

Main Article: Waddle Dee Jr./Gallery
Waddle Dee Jr. looks like an average Waddle Dee, except he's red. He has a peach-colored face with red cheek blushes. His feet are the same peach color as his face. From Chapter 1 to 8, he had one scar down his right eye from a battle with Meta Knight, which was a accident. He wears a white headband around his head.

During Chapter 8, Vincent slashed across his eye, giving him another scar and blinding his right eye, which Dr. Waddlesworth later had replaced with a fake eye. Within the same chapter, he had his right arm cut off by Kyle and it was replaced with a three-clawed, prosthetic arm by Waddle Doo in Chapter 9.

In the digital version of the series, Waddle Dee Jr. returned to his design as he appeared in the first installment but he retained his second scar and prosthetic arm. A little bit before the battle at Castle Gobi took place, it is revealed that a fellow Waddle Dee died in a accident but was a organ donator. He asked his grandfather for one of the eyes and therefore, he has a right eye once again.

For bed, Waddle Dee wears a red nightcap with a yellow rim and a yellow fluff ball on the tip.

As a kid, Waddle Dee looked much like he does now except that he was smaller, he doesn't have his scars and his right prosthetic arm. 2 years before the series began, Waddle Dee Jr. looked the same as he did at the beginning of the series minus the scar on his right eye.

Outfit ChangesEdit

With the exception of the outfit that appeared in Chapters 4 and 5, these outfits only appear in the traditional version of the comic.

  • In Chapters 1 through 3, he wore a simple white headband and when Dedede found his Element Gem in Chapter 3, he began to wear it like a necklace.
  • In Chapters 4 through 8, he began to wear shoulder pads with spikes, a cape and jester-like shoes with a zigzag pattern.
  • In Chapters 9 and 10, he wore a headband with a star pattern and the Element Gem on it and has kept the shoes. Recently, he now has a black headband and a ninja suit and still has his shoes.


Drunk Waddle Dee

An example of a drunk Waddle Dee.

Waddle Dee Jr. is portrayed as a nice person with a competitive spirit and a slight short temper. He is usually shown in calm mood, always ready to help his friends when battle time comes around. He is shown to be loyal and loving to his girlfriend, Rachel, even going as far to get vengeance on those who hurt her. He is shown to like parties and having fun. When drunk, Waddle Dee has poor control of himself as shown in Chapter 6 where he seen calling Drawcia cute, much to the latter's chagrin.

As seen in Chapter 10, Waddle Dee Jr. has a Napoleon complex and he hates to be called anything relating to his shortness and this seems to be a trait in his family as they don't like being called short either. In the classic Chapters of the series, Waddle Dee Jr. often got angry when called short but this is now downplayed in the modern Chapters. Waddle Dee Jr. also tends to make bad puns and he usually tends to make them appropriate to the situation at hand.

Like many other characters in the series, Waddle Dee has a foul mouth and often curses.


Despite his species being one of the weaker species in the Kirby series, Waddle Dee is quite strong in terms of physical strength despite his small size. He has shown his high level of physical strength many times in the series and he has shown that he is quite skilled at close-range combat, both hand to hand as well as wielding a weapon. Being a Waddle Dee, he can run around quite fast and he often uses his quick feet to dodge attacks from enemies.

In Chapter 3, Dedede found his family's treasure, the Element Gem. This gem allows him to gain powers from elements and being immune to the element the gem absorbed. However, he rarely uses this ability in combat and it will stop being used at a certain point in the series.

Chapter 14 revealed that Waddle Dee Jr. is also a good cook much like his father, as it was shown that he cooked a meal for the other Dream Warriors, their allies and the former members of the Salt Army while relaxing from all the fighting against Gobi and the Salt Army.


  • Sword
    Debut: Chapter 1
    This is the first sword Waddle Dee is seen using in the series. It resembles a dagger but it has a longer blade. It is transformed into a Master Sword in the traditional version of the series during Chapter 4 and lasted until Drawcia's death in Chapter 5 while in the digital version it was magically enhanced. Waddle Dee uses it from Chapter 1 until Chapter 8.
  • Wrist Blades
    Debut: Chapter 8
    Waddle Dee uses these weapons during Chapter 8 during his and Dedede's battle with Kyle and Vincent. One of them was cut off when Kyle cut off his right arm. These weapons resembled non-curved katana blades with wristbands.
  • Twin Swords
    Debut: Chapter 10
    Waddle Dee uses these swords in his and Rachel's battle against Vincent in Chapter 10. They haven't been seen since but in the digital version of the series, they were destroyed right after Waddle Dee decapitated Vincent.
  • Ninjato
    Waddle Dee obtains this weapon as a gift from Carlson, Rachel's father, for agreeing to help Carlson and the inhabitants of Pineapple Island.

Fire Mystic GemEdit

Waddle Dee arm on fire

Waddle Dee showing off his fire powers.

Main Article: Fire Mystic Gem
Waddle Dee has fire powers, first seen in Chapter 3 and these make him immune to fire attacks and being burned by enemies as well as being burned by fire or anything hot. He can either make his sword catch on fire then slash his enemies with it, burning him/her. He can also create a circle of short-range fire ring and any enemy in it catches ablaze.

He can activate his fire powers at will, though he tends to say "Ignite" when he uses his fire powers and his fire powers has a weakness, however. If his body gets wet from water, including ice and snow, his fire powers are disabled until he gets dry. However, this does not keep him from swimming and taking baths. He is also unable to use his fire powers in cold environments.

It will be revealed in Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of Darkness that Waddle Dee got his fire powers when he accidentally ingested a mysterious gem when he was 9 years old when he were playing wiffle ball with his friends. Before Dr. Waddlesworth could remove it, it disappeared and merged with Waddle Dee, giving him the fire powers he has now. However, he did not have good control of them at first, accidentally catching things on fire.

The power of the Fire Mystic Gem allows Waddle Dee to create fire at will, turn himself into a living fireball to tackle into foes and many other feats. Because the gem, Waddle Dee is immune to fire attacks as well as being burned at all and because he consumed the gem, Waddle Dee and anything he is wearing or is attached to him is immune to lava and magma including his headband and prosthetic arm.


Note: Waddle Dee Jr.'s usage of Hell in his attack names is a reference to the Hell Pyre technique from the Tales games.

  • Eternal Burning Hell
    Debut: Chapter 3
    Waddle Dee creates a fiery aura around him and then unleashes flames that scorch any unlucky opponent to be in the radius. This technique was first seen when Waddle Dee burned Drawcia's Mumbies to ashes.
  • Hell Slash
    Waddle Dee activates his fire powers and lights his sword on fire and slashes his enemy with it, both causing burning and slash damage to the said enemy.
    • Hell Claw
      Debut: Chapter 14
      A variation of Hell Slash, Waddle Dee creates fire on his prosthetic arm's claws tips and then slashes his opponent with them, causing slashing and burning damage at once and thus making a very painful attack for the opponent.
  • Meteor Fist
    Waddle Dee ignites either one of his fists on fire and then punches his opponent, burning them. This attack is similar to the Pokémon move Fire Punch.
  • Hell Rush
    Debut: Chapter 14
    Waddle Dee ignites himself on fire and then tackles into his opponent, burning them and sending them flying a bit. This attack is similar to the Burn attack from the Fire and Burning Copy Abilities.

History Edit


Waddle Dee has known Dedede, Cloud, Raven and Rachel since they were babies and they often played together as kids. When he was 9 years old, he accidentally ingested the Gem of Fire when he and Dedede were playing hide and seek.

About 3 years prior to Kirby: Behind the Scenes, Dedede and Waddle Dee met Waddle Doo, who came from the Salt Desert from the north. The 3 became good friends and Waddle Doo became one of Waddle Dee's co-workers.

Kirby: Behind the ScenesEdit

Sparring Match

Waddle Dee Jr.'s debut in the series alongside Dedede

Waddle Dee is first seen sparring with Dedede at the beginning of Kirby: Behind the Scenes.

Kirby: Behind the Scenes 2: Drawcia's Return and RevengeEdit

Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of DarknessEdit



Waddle Dee is shown to get along pretty well with his family.

Friends and RivalsEdit

Rachel is Waddle Dee's beloved girlfriend.

He and Dedede have been best friends since childhood. They equal in battle and are both highly competitive. It is often shown that Waddle Dee like to tease Dedede though this ends up with him being kicked sometimes.

Waddle Doo
Like everyone else in the group, he hates Waddle Doo's habit of playing pranks and loves his misfortunes.

Waddle Dee and Cloud love to party. Waddle Dee loves Cloud's comical nature.

Waddle Dee and Raven get along fine with each other.

At first, he disliked Drawcia because she was their enemy

Enemies Edit

Waddle Dee hates Vincent insulting him of been a henchman and calling him shorty as well as harming Rachel during their battle in Chapter 10. After Vincent kills DJ in Chapter 11, Waddle Dee vows to avenge his best friend's uncle.

Running Gags Edit

  • Waddle Dee is the main target of the series' short jokes.
  • Waddle Dee also tends to make bad puns, though he makes the puns appropriate to the situation or what has happened.


  • Waddle Dee Jr.'s blood type is O+.
  • Waddle Dee Jr. is the first member of the Waddle Dee species to appear in the series as well as the first male one seen.
  • Waddle Dee Jr. is the first character to be seen using a Mystic Gem in the series.
  • Except the Jr. part, his name is actually the name of his species, much like Waddle Doo. This is due that a name was never thought for him, the same is true for Waddle Doo.
  • He is the first character in the series to break the 4th wall, as he did so in Chapter 2.
  • He is the first character to be shown having a scar in the series, the second being Drawcia and the third being Vincent (ironically, Waddle Dee Jr. gave Vincent these scars).
    • He is also the only main character to have more than one scar.
  • He is one of the 3 characters seen drinking alcohol in the series, the other 2 being Cloud and Raven. He is 21 like them and Dedede.
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