Waddle Doo's Cyborg Schematics
Waddle Doo ready to fight
Waddle Doo with his cannons out.


Chapter 3


Waddle Doo

Waddle Doo's Cyborg Schematics is the cyborg system that Waddle Doo had put in him by Dr. Waddleworth per Waddle Doo's request. It is Waddle Doo's signature weapon in a sense. The cords that come from the metal plate on Waddle Doo's head are connected to a organ that generates energy that he can either shoot from his eye or the cannons that are hidden in his arms, which the cords also connect to and these cords are connected to a organ that generates his beam energy that is located next to his brain.


Mystic Gem of Ice EnchantmentsEdit

During his battle with Damozoph during Chapter 10, Waddle Doo finds a diamond-shaped gem and he touches it. He reacts to it being cold and realizes that it is Damozoph's weakness, he takes it and starts to use ice shots against the Drakon. A little later into their fight, Damozoph is about to dunk Waddle Doo into the Pepper Volcano's magma but Waddle Doo fuses one of his arm blades with some ice from the gem and slays Damozoph. Waddle Doo ended up falling into the magma and died again, but the gem ironically regenerated in front of him after he climbed out of the volcano's crater and he decides to take it with him.