Waddle Doo
Waddle Doo2
Waddle Doo, the first male Waddle Doo to be seen in the series.


Chapter 1

Not to be confused with the character of the same name.

Waddle Doos are cycloptic cousins of the Waddle Dee species and are one of the most common inhabitants of Dream Land in the series, along side Waddle Dees and Wizendrens. Waddle Doos made their first appearance in Kirby: Behind the Scenes and Waddle Doo himself was the only member of this species seen until Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of Darkness where other Waddle Doos first appeared. Waddle Doo himself is the very first seen Waddle Doo in the series.


Waddle Doos look much like they do in the Kirby games and they can come in many colors, however their hairstyle depends on the individual.


Like in the games, Waddle Doos can shoot beams from their eyes and how they do so is explained in the series: Waddle Doos have a small organ located next to their brain that generates the energy. They also can be decently strong physical fighters as well, but most prefer to battle from a distance due to that their large eye can be a easy target for enemies to attack.

Known Waddle DoosEdit

Male Waddle DoosEdit

Female Waddle DoosEdit

Raven's QuestEdit

Orange Waddle Doo

A orange Waddle Doo.

In Raven's Quest, Waddle Doo himself appears as a friendly NPC who aids Raven with advice and warning him of upcoming dangers. Enemy Waddle Doos also appear with two color varieties: orange and indigo. They both behave as Snifits with orange acting as red Snifits and indigo acting as grey Snifits. However, unlike Snifits' bullets, the beam orbs shot by enemy Waddle Doos can travel through blocks but Raven can block them as long as the beam orbs hit areas where Link's shield would be.

Indigo Waddle Doo

A indigo Waddle Doo.

Orange Waddle Doos patrol back and forth, occasionally shooting a beam orb and turning at cliffs in their way while indigo Waddle Doos either walk around, sometimes hopping and shooting 1 to 2 beam orbs or they can be found in enclosed walls where Raven cannot reach them. They can be defeated by most methods of attack but they are not harmed by fireballs from Fire Sword Raven. Orange Waddle Doos first appear in Level 1- Castle Dedede and are common enemies while indigo Waddle Doos debut in Level 2- Starfruit Plains and frequently appear.

Orange Waddle Doos are worth 100 points when defeated and indigo Waddle Doos are worth 200.


  • So far, the only Waddle Doos seen in the series are Waddle Doo himself and his family.