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Waddlesworth, the medical master of Dream Land.


Waddle Dee


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Macky Dee † (Wife)
Waddle Dee Sr. (Son)
Darla Dee (Daugther-in-law)
Waddle Dee Jr. (Grandson)
Anthony (Son-in-law)
Bailey (Grandson)
Charles Dee (Son)
Penny Dee (Daughter-in-law)
Disco Dee (Grandson)
Garbo Dee (Grandson)

Waddlesworth, mostly referred as Dr. Waddlesworth or the Doc, is a character who made his debut in Kirby: Behind the Scenes. He is Waddle Dee Jr.'s grandfather and the most well known doctor in all of Dream Land.

He used to be the one who revives Waddle Doo when he dies and he is the person who turned Waddle Doo into a cyborg upon the former's request. He is the second member of the Dee family to be revealed.


Waddlesworth is a tanish-brown Waddle Dee with his species' trademark pear-shaped face which is peach in color with pink, rosy cheek blushes and his feet at the bottom of his body. His feet are the same peach color as his face. His eyes are black and he has a white mustache.


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Being a doctor, Waddlesworth is willing to help a injured or sick person but he tends to hesitate if the person is evil or untrustworthy. He also treats the sick or injured regardless if they have money or not, showing more of Waddlesworth's kind heart.


Despite many residents of Dream Land calling him a miracle worker, Waddlesworth's medical skills are nothing put pure skill and expertise. He is very well skilled in the medical field and he is able to treat serious wounds. He also has some skill in cyborgology, as Waddlesworth was the one who made Waddle Doo into a cyborg by Waddle Doo's request.



Not much of Waddlesworth's background has been revealed, but in Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of Darkness, Gerold reveals that Waddlesworth took part in the Salt Rebellion, being the head of the medical team for the army of Dream Land.

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  • So far, Waddlesworth is the oldest character in terms of age.
  • He is the first relative of a main character to appear in the series. Ironically, he is also the first widowed person as well.
    • He is also the first character to appear in a flashback.
Waddle Dee Jr.'s Family
Grandparents: Dr. Waddlesworth - Macky Dee
Parents: Waddle Dee Sr. - Darla Dee
Uncles and Aunts: Anthony - Robin - Charles Dee - Penny Dee
Siblings: None
Cousins: Bailey - Disco Dee - Garbo Dee