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Whispy Woods, often called Whispy for short, is a character who made his debut in Chapter 1 of Kirby: Behind the Scenes. He is the self-proclaimed king and namesake of Whispy Woods Forest.

He is the K: BTS series' incarnation of Whispy Woods from the games.


Crazy Whispy

Whispy as he appears when he is angered.

Whispy's design is exactly the same as it is in the games: Whispy is a tree with a brown trunk with 10 roots and green leaves on his crown where there are often apples. This makes him unlike many other characters who are from the games as they often have slightly different designs.

When angered, his face looks more frightening with his eyes being sunken in and his mouth takes a more jagged appearance, making him look like he has teeth.


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Whispy is shown to be very hostile and aggressive to people that get too close to him, as Drawcia and Waddle Doo found out the hard way. He is also shown that he doesn't take kindly to people attempting to chop him down, as he killed Waddle Doo for thinking that the former was attempting to chop him down.


Root Whip

Whispy using his roots like a whip.

So far, Whispy has been seen using his roots either as spear or whips as seen when he attempted to attack Drawcia by trying to impale her with one of his roots and then smacked her away with another one. He is shown that he can also use his roots much like hands, as seen when he took out the axe lodged in his head after it popped out of Waddle Doo's back.


Kirby: Behind the ScenesEdit

Whispy Woods debut

Whispy's debut in the series.

Whispy first appears not long after the series begins in Chapter 1 right after Drawcia lands in the pond surrounding the little island that he dwells on. He attacks Drawcia and smacks her away with his roots after she dodged his roots shortly before. He appeared once again when the ax that was stuck in Waddle Doo's back from a failed prank popped out and struck Whispy in the head.

Whispy took this as a sign that Waddle Doo was going to chop him down and killed Waddle Doo by slicing him up with the ax. He appeared again in Waddle Doo's retelling of how he came back to life in Chapter 2 where Waddle Doo shot Whispy though Whispy survived this.



  • His angry face is a direct reference to Kirby's Dream Land 3 where Whispy gains a similar face in the second phase of his boss battle in the above mentioned game.
  • He is the first character to kill Waddle Doo, though in a gruesome manner by chopping him up with a ax and this wasn't shown in the comic.