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Zerox, pronounced "zeer-rox", was a character who was introduced in Kirby: Behind the Scenes 2: Drawcia's Return and Revenge, where he was one of the tertiary antagonists along with Damozoph, Mecha-Sword Knight and Masher.


Original DesignEdit

Zerox had a appearance very similar to that of a large, humanoid bull with big arms that end with large fists. He has decently sized legs that end with black hooves with 2 toes on each foot. He wears dark blue pants that are held up by a dark grey sash that is tied around his waist.

He is muscular and he is shown with 6 abs. His fur is light tan and on his head, he has long horns with pale gold rings on their base connecting to his head and behind his horns are his ears, which are small and have small rings on them. He has a black nose and orange eyes.


Zerox received a redesign in the remastered version of Kirby: Behind the Scenes 2: Drawcia's Return and Revenge. His new design is pretty similar to his original design except he now wears a bluish-grey sleeveless shirt, both his pants remain dark blue and dark grey sash but they are now lighter in color, he has dark yellow rings around his horns and he wears orange gloves with light orange rims around his wrists.


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Not very much of his personality was shown but what has been shown is that he is loud-mouthed, mean and impatient. He also doesn't think twice before insulting someone.

In the remastered version, Zerox is shown to be more cautious and not as loud-mouthed as he was before.


Unfortunately for him, he wasn't seen fighting in the series much. But if he did fight, he would be mainly a physical fighter, using his large arms and fists. As a Toroblin, Zerox had high level of physical strength as his large arms indicates and that he kicked Waddle Doo with enough force to send him flying through the ceiling.


Kirby: Behind the Scenes 2: Drawcia's Return and RevengeEdit

Zerox debut

Zerox's debut in the series.

Zerox makes his debut in Chapter 7 when he noticed that Kyle was attacked and what happened to him and Vincent answered his question by telling him it was the large one who attacked him, referring to Dedede. Zerox gets angry and yells at Dedede and intentionally calling him fatass in the process, only to have Dedede fire off a intentionally missed Blue Flash at them.

This was enough to frighten off the trio of antagonists into retreating as Vincent pointed out that calling Dedede "fatass" is unwise as it provokes him. Later back at Kyle's Fortress, the trio are having a chat regarding Drawcia betraying them and being concerned about Dedede, who Zerox calls a fatass again much to Vincent's chagrin while Kyle made a remark about Zerox wanting to be Dedede's bulls eye, much to Zerox's annoyance.

Later that night, the trio came back to Castle Dedede while the Dream Warriors were partying and they found their enemies bizarre. After Waddle Doo bumped into Dedede and was kicked to Waddle Dee Jr. and went ricocheting around the room, Waddle Doo ended up in front of Kyle, Vincent and Zerox. Zerox quickly found him annoying and kicked him into a room above them, the trio then crashed the party but only to have Vincent and Zerox knocked out of the throne room by Waddle Dee Jr. and Disco respectively.


Zerox death

Zerox is killed by Waddle Doo off-screen.

Dedede then jumped down from the floor of them throne room to attempt to crush the trio but he missed them and Zerox points out they must have angered fatass, referring to Dedede and Zerox is attacked by a enraged Dedede and sent flying a little bit.

Some time later, Waddle Doo came out of the castle after he fell down the stairs and spun past Dedede in a straight line for Zerox with one of his knives out, shredding Zerox to pieces as he screamed in terror off-screen.

Kirby: Behind the Scenes 3: Chronicles of DarknessEdit

Zerox will later come back in this installment of the series.


Kyle's ArmyEdit


Zerox had a great amount of loyalty to Kyle as Zerox often referred to him as "Lord Kyle" and Zerox was quick to insult Dedede for attacking Kyle. However, Zerox often got annoyed whenever Kyle made jokes about Zerox as seen in Chapter 8. Kyle didn't show any reaction to Zerox's death, due to that he was paying attention to Vincent's pursuit of Waddle Dee Jr.


Zerox and Vincent somewhat didn't get along well, mostly due to Vincent's remarks regarding Zerox. Vincent didn't show any reaction to Zerox's death, though this is due to that Vincent was pursuing Waddle Dee Jr. at the time.


Dream WarriorsEdit

Much like Kyle and Vincent at the time, Zerox was antagonistic towards the Dream Warriors.


Zerox seemed to have had a unintentional habit of angering Dedede by calling him fatass, something that angered Dedede at that point in the series.

Waddle DooEdit

Zerox quickly found Waddle Doo annoying and he didn't hesitate to kick into the room above the doorway of the throne room. Waddle Doo seemed to have had a grudge against Zerox for kicking him and this was the reason of Waddle Doo attacking and slaying Zerox.


  • He is the first Toroblin to appear in the series.
  • He is the first character and the first antagonist to be killed by Waddle Doo.
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